Gender-Based Misconduct Task Force Report

Dear Fellow Members of the Columbia Community:
We are writing to share the first annual report of the Columbia University Gender-­‐Based   Misconduct Prevention Task Force. This report is intended to contribute to the ongoing University dialogue on how to create a climate in which all can study, work, and live free from gender-­‐based misconduct,  including  sexual  violence.  
The Task Force began its work in the fall of 2015, and has met regularly since then. This report provides a summary of our work to date, highlights some of what we have learned over the past academic year, and outlines our recommendations for the future. Our fundamental goal is to engage the full University community – students, faculty, administrators, and staff – in the important and ongoing work of preventing gender-­‐based misconduct from occurring on our campuses and in our schools.
This is challenging work on a deeply troubling topic. We have been inspired by many people from throughout the University whose work has already made an important difference. We understand, too, that further progress we make on this issue will be the product of shifts in our collective consciousness and transformations of our communal culture. As such, we welcome feedback from absolutely any member of this community. We can be reached at or at our individual emails, and
We look forward to continuing the work of the Task Force over the coming year, and appreciate your engagement with this important topic. 
Suzanne B. Goldberg 
Executive Vice President for University Life
Herbert and Doris Wechsler Clinical Professor of Law
Marina Catallozzi, MD, MSCE
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics and Population and Family Health at CUMC Director, Pediatric Medical Student Education
Columbia University, College of Physicians and Surgeons Director, General Public Health
Faculty Co-­‐Leader, Sexuality Sexual and Reproductive Health Certificate Mailman School of Public Health
Co-­‐chairs of the Gender-­‐Based Misconduct Prevention Task Force