Create a project that aligns with your interests or professional development goals, either on your own or with a small group. (Sorry, projects completed before September 2017 or that are part of classwork are not eligible.)

Independent Projects Have Included

- A workshop for yourself and a group of students;
- Hosting a film screening;
- Convening or participating in a reading group; or
- Creative expression (e.g., visual, poetry or prose, video, multimedia, music, dance) around the themes of sexual respect.  (See the 2015 Arts Option for examples.)

Guides and Timelines

- Submit your proposal by Wednesday, October 4
- We will evaluate your proposal, follow up with questions if necessary, and notify you when your proposal is approved.
- For more information about borrowing a film and for workshop outlines, reading lists, or guidelines for art submissions, email
- Complete your project by Sunday, October 29.  

Independent Project - Hosting an Event

  1. Submit your project proposal online at least 10 days in advance of the event
  2. Once approved, the Sexual Respect Initiative team will work with you to list and promote your event if you choose.
  3. Register attendees.
  4. Have a terrific event! 
  5. Share your results with the Sexual Respect team.