Open Workshops for Students from All Columbia Schools

Below are the options that were offered for the Sexual Respect and Community Citizenship Initiative '17-18, which ended on October 29. To provide feedback or ideas about future workshops, please click here. If you have questions please email

"This is Sex" with CNN's Lisa Ling

The Office of University Life hosts journalist Lisa Ling for a premiere screening of the new CNN series "This is Sex," in which Ling looks at the ways sex is stigmatized and politicized in America. The 20-minute episode will be followed by discussion & QA featuring Columbia experts on sexual health attitudes and sex education for young people in the U.S. today.

Working with Queer Survivors of Violence

An introduction to working with and engaging LGBTQ survivors of violence. Learn about how LGBTQ students are affected by different forms of violence. Open to students of all backgrounds and experience levels. Led by Sexual Violence Response staff and volunteers.

Sex Trafficking: The Fight to End Exploitations

This discussion with internationally recognized lawyer, activist, and educator Lauren Hersh explores the industry of human trafficking. Learn about who the victims are, the patterns of exploitation and the realities of sex trafficking in an ever-changing digital world. Led by Sexual Violence Response staff and volunteers.

Dilemma of Engaging Men and Boys as Partners in Preventing Violence Against Women and Girls in Communities Facing Structural Violence

A lecture and discussion with anti-violence activist and educator Quentin Walcott about strategies developed in diverse communities of men in NYC who are impacted by systemic violence. Led by Sexual Violence Response staff and volunteers.

The Art and Science of Flirting

One of the most popular options last year, this interactive, research-based workshop helps decipher the sometimes confusing communication that is “flirting.” Through discussion, media analysis and skill-building activities, increase your confidence and ability to flirt respectfully and effectively (both in person and online). Led by Jane Bogart, Ed.D., author of “Sexploration” (Penguin, 2006) and CUMC’s Director of the Center for Student Wellness.

An Introduction to Intimate Partner Violence and the LGBTQ Community

Learn what Intimate Partner Violence can look like, how to address it, and how it impacts the LGBTQ community. Open to students of all backgrounds and experience level. Led by Sexual Violence Response staff and volunteers.

Healthy Relationships

Increase your awareness of intimate partner violence, different types of abuse and resources to get yourself or someone you know out of an unhealthy relationship safely. You'll also discuss stereotyping, the different ways people find themselves in abusive relationships, and the difficulties they face when trying to leave them. Led by Licensed Master Social Worker, author and founder of "Big Talks Workshops" Tara Abrol.

Culture of Consent

Conversations about consent can be emotionally charged, inconclusive, and confusing - this workshop helps you better understand the issues surrounding consent as well as how gender roles, stereotypes, and double standards impact communication and sex-negative ideology. Led by Licensed Master Social Worker, author and founder of "Big Talks Workshops" Tara Abrol.

Stalking and Dating Violence

Stalking and dating violence can be very confusing - learn more about what these words mean, how to identify if someone you know might be experiencing these issues, what you can do to help them, and Columbia’s policies and resources. This workshop is facilitated by Columbia Title IX Coordinator AVP Marjory Fisher.

Having conversations with/about TGNC People of Color

A conversation about how to engage and have a respectful and honest dialogue about and with trans and gender non-conforming people of color. Led by Sexual Violence Response staff and volunteers.

Consent and Incapacitation

Participants in this workshop will learn more about the effect alcohol and drugs can have on an investigation, the relevant Columbia policies, how incapacitation is handled in the legal system, how to ensure you and your partner(s) are able to consent, and more. This workshop is facilitated by Columbia Title IX Coordinator AVP Marjory Fisher.

Speaking Up

This workshop is about being assertive in difficult circumstances.  Get tips for how to be more forthright and learn strategies for removing barriers to communication. Improve your ability to express yourself with comfort and clarity for satisfying, fun and safe sexual experiences. Led by staff counselors from Counseling and Psychological Services.

Title IX 101

Join a workshop with Columbia Title IX Coordinator AVP Marjory Fisher to learn more about Columbia University policy, state and federal laws, and the link to sexual respect. 

Black Relationship Mixtapes: An Analysis of Lemonade, A Seat at the Table, and 4:44

An interactive talk with Dr. Mayowa Obasaju exploring relationships through the lens of Beyonce’s Lemonade, Solange’s A seat at the Table, and Jay-Z’s 4:44. Students will also consider how systemic issues impact relationship dynamics. Led by Sexual Violence Response staff and volunteers.

Sexual Harassment - On Campus and In the Workplace

Join Columbia Title IX Coordinator AVP Marjory Fisher for a discussion about sexual harassment on- and off-campus. Participants will discuss what constitutes sexual harassment in their life as a student and after they leave Columbia.