Sexual Respect Ambassadors


Sexual Respect Ambassadors help spread the word, engage with other student leaders and contribute ideas to the Sexual Respect and Community Citizenship Initiative (SRI)! 

Interested in getting involved? Sign up to be a Sexual Respect Ambassador. The deadline to apply is September 13, 2019. 

See more of our ambassadors in action.

Meet the 2019-20 Sexual Respect Ambassadors!



Row 1 (L-R): Lynne Irving, Engineering '22; Dan "Micca" Cao, General Studies '20
Row 2 (L-R): Gifty Blankson Professional Studies '19; Ken Ingram, Journalism '19; Justine LaVoye, International and Public Affairs '19; Christina Clark, Business '20
Row 3 (L-R): Kory Majansky, General Studies '20; Lexie Breiman, General Studies '20; Christina Nunez, Dental Medicine '20; Leslie Junco, General Studies '21
Row 4 (L-R): Lindsay Zhang, Professional Studies '19; Laura Bane, Columbia College '22; Hazem Shuaeib, Dental Medicine '20; Laura Garnier, Architecture, Planning, and Preservation '20
Row 5 (L-R): Maddie Woda, Columbia College '20; Michael Jones, Applied Sciences '20; Jane Chen, GSAS '19; Yujia "Katherine" Zhu, Social Work '19
Row 6 (L-R): Ashley Leeds, Social Work '20; Peiyun Zhu, Professional Studies '19; Caroline Albert, Columbia College '19; John Carlson, General Studies '20
Row 7 (L-R): Sasha Kimiatek, Professional Studies '20; Matthew Smith, General Studies '21; Linna Zhao, GSAS '19