The Sexual Respect and Community Citizenship Initiative

The Sexual Respect and Community Citizenship Initiative

The Sexual Respect and Community Citizenship Initiative has ended for 2020. Thank you for participating and look for details about 2021 in the coming months. 

When you commit to sexual respect, you commit to communicating and acting with integrity and respect for others. Take the initiative. Help us create a safe, supportive campus environment that’s free from sexual and gender-based misconduct.

As Columbia community citizens, we all have the responsibility to create a respectful community. This includes stepping in or getting help when we witness something that isn’t right. The Sexual Respect Initiative — an important part of Columbia’s Community Citizenship Initiative — asks each of us to promote a campus culture that upholds sexual respect and unequivocally rejects sexual harassment, sexual assault and other forms of gender-based misconduct or violence.

This Initiative offers you a variety of compelling and thought-provoking workshops, award-winning films, digital projects and online resources to engage with, plus the option to complete an independent project. And because the Sexual Respect Initiative is all about empowering students to get help when and where they need it, you’ll also learn about the wide range of support services Columbia offers, as well as concrete steps you can take to combat misconduct in any setting.

Getting started is easy; just choose one (or more) of the options below.


Students, faculty and administrators at Columbia — including many experts in public health, gender and sexuality studies, sociology and social work — developed the Sexual Respect Initiative in collaboration with leadership from the Office of University Life. When you participate in the Initiative, you will:

  • Increase your knowledge of key concepts related to sexual respect, such as healthy and problematic behaviors and bystander intervention.
  • Increase awareness of University resources and community values.
  • Provide opportunities to dispel myths about sexual violence.
  • Learn more about the link between gender stereotypes, harassment and violence.
  • Foster awareness about sexual violence within our community and broader society.

Who Is Required to Participate?

  • If you are new to your Columbia school, you're required to participate.
  • If you are a returning student who has completed the Initiative but would like to participate, you're strongly encouraged to participate again!
  • If you are a student organization/club leader or varsity/club athlete and you've completed your annual sexual respect training, you don’t need to complete the Initiative, but you’re encouraged to take part!

A Message from Professor Suzanne Goldberg, Executive Vice President for University Life

Sexual respect is a commitment. 
It is a commitment to communicating and acting with integrity and respect for others. It is also a commitment to each of us doing what we can to create an environment where sexual and gender-based misconduct is not tolerated. As members of this University community, we have the ability — and the responsibility — to support an ethic of care and mutual respect, even amidst our many differences.
As you think about how you will contribute, the Sexual Respect Initiative invites you to choose among many options for gaining skills and knowledge. Sexual respect is an individual effort and community responsibility. It starts here, with each of us.

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