Sexual Respect and Community Citizenship Initiative 2017 FAQ

1. What is sexual respect?
Sexual respect is the commitment to communicating and acting in interpersonal relationships with integrity and respect for others, and to each of us doing what we can to create an environment where sexual and gender-based misconduct are not tolerated.
2. Why have a Sexual Respect and Community Citizenship Initiative? 
The Sexual Respect and Community Citizenship Initiative provides every student with a focused invitation during the academic year to learn about issues that can profoundly shape academic and student life, and to impact campus climate.
You can read the goals of the Sexual Respect and Community Citizenship here.
3. How is this different from what I already learned about sexual respect in my pre-arrival tutorial (Welcome to Columbia and Haven) and during orientation?  
Each academic year is a new opportunity to set standards for the way we treat one another. The Sexual Respect Initiative offers you new perspectives, added skills and more information.  Importantly, it invites you to choose from small group discussions and workshops in your school, screenings of acclaimed films followed by discussion, and the option to create your own project with other community members. (See Question 5 for more.)
4. Who participates in the Sexual Respect and Community Citizenship Initiative?  And what’s the deadline?
All Columbia students are strongly encouraged to participate. All students who are new to any degree program at Columbia are required to complete at least one of several options. The participation deadline is October 29, 2017.
5. How do I participate?
Go to the Sexual Respect website to learn about the options being offered:  You can participate in as many workshops, film screenings with discussion, online video collections and online documentaries with Q&A, and independent projects as you’d like. There is also an online tutorial especially for graduate students, and resources for healing and resilience (offered especially for survivors as recommended by our partners in Sexual Violence Response).
View the range of options here.
6.  I am required to take the Initiative.  How do I confirm my participation? 
Confirm your participation by checking in at the workshop or film screening you selected, or through Courseworks. Please see details here.
7. How do I confirm my participation if I am a returning student (not required to participate)?
Your participation is important for the Sexual Respect Initiative’s impact on campus. Please proceed to the option of your choice and see instructions for how to share your feedback there.
8. I've had a traumatic experience and would prefer not to participate in the Sexual Respect and Community Citizenship Initiative. What can I do?
If you have personal concerns about completing the Initiative, please contact us at  You do not need to explain and will not be asked for details about your experience.
9. I need an accommodation from Disability Services. What should I do?
Disability Services can provide accommodations for registered students to attend workshops, film screenings and the other participation options. If you require disability accommodations please contact Disability Services at in advance of the event. Please allow at least 5 days to arrange for sign language interpreters or CART services.
10. How can I get involved in helping with the Initiative?
Join the Sexual Respect Initiative team. You can step up and be a leader in the Sexual Respect Initiative by giving feedback in a focus group and surveys, becoming a peer facilitator or joining the advisory group that works on developing future Initiatives. Sign up here
You can also:
Complete an evaluation of this year's Initiative after you participate;
Download our poster and help spread the word and motivate your classmates;
• Express your views on Student Voices section of the University Life blog or social media – inquire here.
11. Who developed the Sexual Respect and Community Citizenship Initiative? 
Students, faculty and administrators at Columbia – including many experts in public health, gender and sexuality studies, sociology, and social work – developed the Initiative with leadership from the Office of University Life.  The Office of University Life reviews student feedback and evaluations from the Initiative each year to refine content offerings and improve the Initiative.
12. I go to Barnard. Can I participate?
Yes - however, as Barnard offers its own programming, Columbia students will have priority for workshop registration.
Sexual Respect and Community Citizenship Initiative Contact Information
Send your questions about the Initiative, technical questions, or problems with CourseWorks to