Workshops and Film Screenings - Arts

Below are the options that were offered for the Sexual Respect and Community Citizenship Initiative '17-18, which ended on October 29. To provide feedback or ideas about future workshops, please click here. If you have questions please email

Female Leads and Nonconsensual Deeds

Discuss how the film and TV industries portray gender, sexual violence, and consent on screen, and how those representations impact our culture and ideas about sex and relationships. Participants will explore ways to think critically about how the entertainment industry can have power over societal trends, either positively or negatively. Led by Sexual Violence Response staff and volunteers.

Simply Sex (Student-Led)

This workshop will feature a discussion on the responsibility artists have around issues like sexual violence, sexual harassment, gender-based misconduct, as well as how intersectionality factors into these important issues. Students will watch clips from critically acclaimed shows like Big Little Lies and Insecure, talk about real-life scenarios, and of course, food! Created by students, for students. 

"Stop What You're Doing"

Taking a look at a scene from Netflix hit Master of None with Aziz Ansari, this interactive session explores reasons people intervene, or opt to not act when they witness inappropriate behavior. Learn about factors of intersectionality and multiple systems of oppression which impact these decisions, as well as the pros and cons of particular intervention styles. Led by Sexual Violence Response staff and volunteers.

You can also choose from workshops and film screenings open to students from all schools here.