Workshops and Film Screenings - Columbia College and The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science - Undergraduate

Below are the options that were offered for the Sexual Respect and Community Citizenship Initiative '17-18, which ended on October 29. To provide feedback or ideas about future workshops, please click here. If you have questions please email

Intersectionality and Structural Violence

Understand intersectionality by learning how social identities, oppression, and privilege impact daily life, especially in relationships. This session will connect intersectionality to the experience of survivors and examine potential barriers to services. Led by Sexual Violence Response staff and volunteers.

Healthy Relationships

Increase your awareness of intimate partner violence, different types of abuse and resources to get you or someone you know out of an unhealthy relationship safely. You'll also discuss stereotyping, the different ways people find themselves in abusive relationships, and the difficulties they face when trying to leave them. Led by Licensed Master Social Worker, author and founder of "Big Talks Workshops" Tara Abrol.

Real World Consent

What does consent look (and not look) like? Learn to identify verbal and non-verbal examples of consent and refusal, and exchange views on determining, communicating and respecting boundaries in this interactive workshop involving text messages, TV clips and case studies. Led by the United Nations and MTV’s Francisco Ramirez, MPH, formerly of Planned Parenthood. 

You can also choose from workshops and film screenings open to students from all schools here.