Workshops and Film Screenings - International and Public Affairs

Below are the options that were offered for the Sexual Respect and Community Citizenship Initiative '17-18, which ended on October 29. To provide feedback or ideas about future workshops, please click here. If you have questions please email

Examining Masculinity

This male-facilitated workshop brings male-identifying individuals into conversation about often-unhealthy conceptions of masculinity. Examine relationships and challenge common myths about gender roles and violence, and learn skills to support each other to have healthier relationships and lives.  Led by Sexual Violence Response staff and volunteers.

Gender 101 (Student-Led)

Learn about gender with SIPA classmates over lunch and hear the answers to any questions you have regarding gender or sex. This event is aimed at non-gender specializers, first years, and those new to this topic so ensure to bring friends! Special giveaway for all who attend. Co-sponsored by Gender Policy Working Group and SIPA Spectrum. 

Real World Consent

What does consent look (and not look) like? Learn to identify verbal and non-verbal examples of consent and refusal, and exchange views on determining, communicating and respecting boundaries in this interactive workshop involving text messages, TV clips and case studies. Led by the United Nations and MTV’s Francisco Ramirez, MPH, formerly of Planned Parenthood. 

Sexual Harassment: When Professional Development is Compromised

Many students work, intern or are assigned to a work environment where they strive to meet professional goals and demands daily.  Sexual harassment should never be condoned and impairs professional growth. Learn to identify sexual harassment and the possible ways you can react and respond to sexual harassment.  Led by Sexual Violence Response staff and volunteers. Related: Columbia’s policy on sexual harassment here.

Masculinities Panel (Student-Led)

This panel encourages students to think critically about their own identities (race, gender, sexual orientation, class, etc.) and how they intersect with one another. The discussion will also focus on the consequences of masculinity. 

Reconstructing Masculinity

This interactive session explores harmful norms of masculinity and their impact on violence. Learn tools to help men cultivate a culture of consent. Open to students of all gender identities. Led by Sexual Violence Response staff and volunteers.

You can also choose from workshops and film screenings open to students from all schools here.