Training for Student Leaders and Athletes

About the Trainings

Annual sexual respect training for leaders of student organizations and clubs, and for club and varsity athletes, are conducted in groups and last one to two hours. Each focuses on preventing, recognizing and addressing sexual violence, sexual harassment, dating violence, domestic violence and stalking. 

If you have questions, write to [email protected].


Leaders of Student Organizations and Clubs (Club Refuel)

  • For leaders of student organizations and clubs (i.e. President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer): Club Refuel is an annual training that provides student leaders with increased awareness and guidance around prevention and response to situations of interpersonal violence from a trauma-informed approach. 

  • Your student advisor will help schedule a training for your organization. Clubs and organizations should not begin programming until they complete this training, and they will not receive University funds until they have completed this training. 

  • TIP: Club Refuel fulfills sexual respect training for student leaders. Students who participate in this training have completed their Sexual Respect and Community Citizenship requirement. If you are a student leader AND a student athlete, you still must take the training for Student-Athletes.

Varsity and Club Athletes

  • For all club and varsity athletes to learn how to foster an environment of sexual respect within their teams, including how to intervene if they become aware of sexual misconduct or dating violence. Athletes are required to complete training before their first competition.

  • Columbia Athletics coordinates this training.

  • NOTE: All athletes must complete this training, which also fulfills the Sexual Respect and Community Citizenship Initiative requirement. Completing the SRI alone does not satisfy the required athlete's training, because the athlete's training must be done specifically to satisfy NCAA requirements as well.