Key Resources on Campus

Sexual Violence Response (24/7/365)

Call (212) 854-4357 (HELP) to connect with survivor advocates for trauma-informed rape crisis/anti-violence support, including accompaniment to the hospital, police, or to other resources. SVR also offers prevention education.


Counseling Services

Get trauma support and short-term counseling, referral for ongoing mental health services, and/or introduction to student support groups.


Public Safety (24/7/365)

Call (212) 854-5555 when you need emergency response, security escorts or assistance with law enforcement.

Not Confidential

Gender-Based Misconduct Office

Receive help in seeking academic and other accommodations, and guidance through the complaint, investigation and adjudication process.

Not Confidential

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Welcome to the Sexual Respect Website

Here you can find help whenever you need it as well as resources and information about sexual respect in the Columbia community.


Update to the Gender-Based Misconduct Policy Provision on Sanctions

The Gender-Based Misconduct Policy has been updated to clarify the scope of sanctions involving “removal from leadership/supervisory positions within the University community.” This sanction can be applied to restrict a student from serving as a teaching assistant, course assistant, and/or grader either for a limited period of time or throughout the student’s affiliation with the University.

Why Sexual Respect?

The Sexual Respect Initiative is about understanding and responding to the links among us and doing what we can to create change, not just in this moment but throughout the year and beyond. 

Bwog Interviews Title IX Coordinator Marjory Fisher

"Bwog reporter Nikki Shaner-Bradford interviews Columbia’s newest Title IX Coordinator Marjory Fisher on the various aspects of her exciting and important position." 

Gender-Based Misconduct Prevention Task Force Releases 2015-16 Report

Since Fall 2015, dozens of students, faculty members and staff from across Columbia have come together as a Task Force to discuss and work decisively on how the University can create a climate in which all can learn, work, and live free from gender-based misconduct, including sexual violence.