Reports and Research

2019-20 Annual Report on Gender-Based Misconduct Prevention and Response at Columbia University

The Student Gender-Based Misconduct Prevention and Response Annual Report includes data on the University’s extensive training and resources for students and on gender-based misconduct reports and resolutions.

2018-19 Annual Report on Gender-Based Misconduct Prevention and Response at Columbia University

Columbia University issues an annual report on Gender-Based Misconduct Prevention and Response, including related resources, education, and training, updates to the University’s Gender-Based Misconduct Policy and Procedures, and data from the gender-based misconduct disciplinary process.

Sexual Respect and Gender-Based Misconduct Data Report (2019)

This data report on sexual respect and gender-based misconduct is an excerpt from the comprehensive Report on the 2018 Columbia Student Well-Being Survey It includes information about students’ experiences with gender-based misconduct and knowledge and use of campus resources. It also provides information for how students, faculty and staff can get involved or find available resources.   

The Sexual Health Initiative to Foster Transformation (SHIFT)

Over the past four years, SHIFT's multi-disciplinary faculty team has used a community-based participatory research approach to examine the individual, interpersonal, and structural (cultural, community, and institutional) factors that shape sexual assault and sexual health among undergraduates at Columbia University (CU) and Barnard College (BC). This report summarizes key findings as of March 2019 and provides recommendations regarding university policies and programs. 

Gender-Based Misconduct Prevention Task Force Releases 2016-17 Report

Since Fall 2015, dozens of students, faculty members and staff from across Columbia have come together as a Task Force to discuss and work decisively on how the University can create a climate in which all can learn, work, and live free from gender-based misconduct, including sexual violence. 

Presidential Advisory Committee on Sexual Assault (PACSA) Report

The Presidential Advisory Committee on Sexual Assault (PACSA) is charged with advising Columbia President Lee C. Bollinger on issues related to the prevention of and response to gender-based misconduct, including sexual assault. 

Columbia University Annual Security Report (Public Safety/Clery)

In accordance with the Campus Security Act, the Department of Public Safety publishes this Annual Security Report.

Association of American Universities Survey on Campus Sexual Assault

In 2015, Columbia University participated in the Association of American Universities (AAU) 2015 Campus Climate Survey on Sexual Assault and Sexual Misconduct. Research firm Westat led the design effort, carried out the survey, and conducted the analysis presented in this report. 

Other Research

There are many research briefs and articles of relevance to sexual respect, including these:

  • Sexual Assault Victimization Among College-Age Females (2014)
  • Sexual Revictimization (2011)
  • Alcohol and Sexual Assault (National Institutes of Health Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism)