2019 Sexual Respect Initiative Workshops

Choose from workshops* at your school, and/or open workshops with students from across our University community. Register early to guarantee your spot! 

*Note: options without dates and times are not yet finalized - please check back for updates.  

The Art and Science of Flirting - All Students Welcome

This interactive, research-based workshop helps decipher the sometimes confusing communication that is “flirting.” Increase your confidence and ability to flirt respectfully and effectively (in person and online) through discussion, media analysis and skill building with Dr. Jane Bogart, Ed.D., CUIMC’s Director of the Center for Student Wellness.
Thursday, 10/17 @ 6 PM (CUIMC Campus) 
Thursday, 10/24 @ 6 PM (Morningside Campus) 

Consent and Incapacitation - All Students Welcome

Drugs and alcohol often play a role in gender-based misconduct allegations on campuses. Learn more about incapacitation, the effect alcohol and drugs can have on an investigation, the relevant Columbia policies, how to ensure you and your partner(s) are able to consent, and more. Led by Columbia’s Title IX Coordinator Marjy Fisher.
Tuesday, 10/22 @ 5 PM

Escalation by One Love Foundation

Join a film and discussion on recognizing the warning signs of relationship abuse and intimate partner violence, based on a real-life story and murder. The film depicts the volatile progression of a college-aged couple’s relationship; facilitators will share effective strategies for intervening and seeking help. Led by One Love Foundation.

Islamic Sex Ed

What does the Quran really say about sex? How can Muslims create safe spaces to have these sometimes difficult but essential conversations in our own communities? Join a discussion with Imam Khaled Latif, including a general session and breakout sessions for men and women.
Friday, October 4, 7-9 PM

The Power of Bystanders

This workshop introduces bystander intervention through the lens of sexual assault, rape, intimate partner violence and stalking. Participants will have the opportunity to explore how they would utilize bystander intervention in all of those situations. Led by Columbia Health's Sexual Violence Response.
Friday, 10/4 @ 9 AM (Nutrition Students)
Wednesday, 10/16 @ 1:15 PM (Law Students)
Wednesday, 10/23 @ 1:15 PM (Law Students) 
Monday, 10/21 @ 11:30 AM (Public Health Students)

Re-evaluating Masculinity

This workshop, open to students of all gender identities, will explore ways that gender norms of masculinity can perpetuate a culture of violence. The workshop will also provide tools to help men cultivate a culture of consent. Led by Columbia Health's Sexual Violence Response
Thursday, 10/17 @ 1 PM (SIPA Students) 

Sexual Harassment - On Campus, and in the Workplace

Join a discussion about sexual harassment on - and off-campus - what constitutes sexual harassment as students and after you leave Columbia. Led by Columbia’s Title IX Coordinator Marjy Fisher.
Wednesday, 10/23 @ 6 PM (All Students) 

Speaking Up - All Students Welcome

When it comes to sex, many people have trouble communicating what they want and don’t want. This workshop is about being assertive in perplexing circumstances, with strategies for speaking up and learning to express yourself with comfort, clarity and force for satisfying and safe sexual experiences. Led by Columbia Health's Counseling and Psychological Services.
Monday, 9/30 @ 12:30 PM (Female Identified/Non-Binary Only)
Thursday, 10/3 @ 10:15 AM (Male Identified/Non-Binary Only) 

Supporting Survivors - What Can I Do?

Nervous about supporting someone who has experienced sexual violence? Not sure what “support” should look like? In this workshop, participants will be introduced to common trauma responses of survivors, learn about peer help, and how to recognize and overcome common anxieties and obstacles about responding. Led by Columbia Health's Sexual Violence Response.
Thursday, 10/10 @ 11:30 AM (Public Health Students)

Title IX 101 - All Students Welcome

Join Columbia's Title IX Coordinator Marjy Fisher to learn more about Columbia University policy, state and federal laws, and the link to sexual respect.
Thursday, 10/24 @ 1 PM

The Truth About Unwanted Arousal

Sex educator Emily Nagoski breaks down the science behind arousal nonconcordance: the disconnect between physical response and pleasure and desire. This Ted Talk contains mature content. Participants will discuss arousal nonconcordance’s connection to sexual violence, and how dangerous myths about sex influence society’s understanding of and response to sexual violence. Led by Columbia Health's Sexual Violence Response.
Wednesday, 10/23 @ 9 PM (Undergraduate Students) 

Unhealthy Relationships

A BuzzFeed video tells the story of two women in a relationship, one of whom engages in several behaviors that are difficult to recognize as abusive. Following the video, participants will discuss the subtleties of warning signs of abuse and the challenges of supporting a friend. Led by Columbia Health's Sexual Violence Response.
Monday, 10/7 @ 9 PM (Undergraduate Students) 
Thursday, 10/24 @ 8 PM (Undergraduate Students) 

Loving Me Mean This

In the wake of relationship violence and trauma establishing healthy relationship dynamics can be particularly difficult. In this day and age is it increasingly common to romanticize toxic behaviors (Manson, 2015a). According to The Angry Therapist, John Kim (2016), “we focus so much on who we want to love, we forget about how we want to be loved.” In Loving Me Means This, students will consider what it means for a partner to love them, and then examine toxic relationship habits that most people believe are acceptable (Manson, 2015a), or even romantic, as well as healthy behaviors often considered venomous (Manson, 2015b).
Thursday, 10/10 @ 6 PM (School of the Arts Students)
Wednesday, 10/16 @ 12:30 PM (School of the Arts Students)

How to Have a Healthier, Positive Relationship to Sex

From our fear of women's bodies to our sheepishness around the word "nipple," our ideas about sex need an upgrade, say sex educators (and hilarious women) Tiffany Kagure Mugo and Siphumeze Khundayi. For a radical new take on sex positivity, the duo take the TED stage to suggest we look to Africa for erotic wisdom both ancient and modern, showing us how we can shake off problematic ideas about sex we've internalized and re-define pleasure on our own terms. (This Ted Talk contains mature content.) Following the video, participants will discuss healthy sexuality, societal perspectives, and how people’s ideas about sexuality are formed.
Thursday, 10/17 @ 5PM (GSAS Students)

The Power of Us

Stanford University sociologist Marianne Cooper shares research about the root causes of sexual harassment and what each of us can do to prevent it, hold abusers accountable and give voice to the voiceless. Following the TEDx video, participants discuss the causes of sexual harassment and ways to influence lasting change. Led by Columbia Health's Sexual Violence Response.
Tuesday, 10/15 @ 9 PM (Undergraduate Students)

Loving Our Neighbors and Ourselves: Healthy Relationships through a Christian Lens

Toxic and unhealthy relationships happen in our local communities, in our religious communities, close to home, and sometimes at home. How can we recognize and bring to light these often subtle and always damaging relationships? What does Christian teaching say about building healthier, respectful, loving relationships? Presented by the Office of the University Chaplain.
Thursday, 10/24 @ 12 PM (All Students)

Critical Conversation: Active Bystander Tools

This workshop's goal is to discuss bystander tools and resources as well as tips to utilize when having difficult conversations regarding sexual respect. Sponsored by the Student Government ExBo, Office of Student Affairs, Rugby Football Club.
Tuesday, 10/1 @ 12:30 PM

Sexual Respect Matters

CBS Matters styled talk with Class of 2020 student speakers Jaya Prasad and Ani Margaryan. Sponsored by the Student Government ExBo, Office of Student Affairs, CWiB Allies & Cluster Q.
Tuesday, 10/8 @ 12:30 

From Anecdotes to Action: Pain Points and Progress on Building an Inclusive Workplace at AB InBev

A dynamic conversation on lessons and challenges addressing sexual harassment, gender discrimination, and power imbalances while building an inclusive and productive workplace culture with leaders Laura Brady and Margot Miller from AB InBEV in conversation with Professor Katherine Phillips. Sponsored by the Student Government ExBo, Office of Student Affairs & Bernstein Center for Leadership & Ethics.
Tuesday, 10/29 @ 12:30 PM

Defining, Recognizing, and Combating Rape Culture*

We've all heard the term "rape culture." Sometimes it’s spoken about as a societal issue that outwardly promotes rape, but it can be implicit, unseen, or unacknowledged as well. How does rape culture affect us in our day-to-day lives? In this workshop, we will think about and discuss examples of “rape culture” from daily conversation, entertainment, media, and the news, along with ways to combat it. 
Tuesday, 10/8 @ 5 PM, 605 Dodge Hall (School of the Arts Students)
Tuesday, 10/15 @ 5 PM, 605 Dodge Hall (School of the Arts Students)
*This workshop contains sensitive concepts and language that may be triggering. 

Stories of Survival: An Artist's Responsibility*

Conversations around sexual assault and survivors of sexual assault in pop culture and media have evolved greatly over the past few decades, especially after the rise of the #MeToo movement. This workshop will use two recent examples, the Netflix series Unbelievable, and Chanel Miller's memoir, Know My Name, to discuss the intersection of trauma and art, and the responsibility of the artist to portray these narratives. 
Wednesday, 10/16 @ 12:45 PM, 413 Dodge Hall (School of the Arts Students)
Wednesday, 10/23 @ 12:45 PM, 413 Dodge Hall (School of the Arts Students)
*This workshop contains sensitive concepts and language that may be triggering.